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Being an e-DJ now is nothing like it used to be. EasyDeejay brings the wisdom of years of DJ and Karaoke experience into one simple package. Play almost any audio track including CDG (karaoke) files. Entertaining your guests has never been easier. EasyDeejay works all around the world, in all kinds of venues for all types of DJs. Go ahead and bring your collection of 100,000 MP3s. And now, you can leave your karaoke CDs back at home.

PMP (Phat Media Player): Rip and tag MP3s. Use data from music services as well as CDDB and CD-Text to proper tag your MP3s. Program will search and find all of your MP3s on a drive or in a directory and sub-directories and add them to a database. Generate playlists and play MP3s through a dual deck DJ like system. Search and find any song in your database instantly. Printout song books of your MP3s. Automatically find BPM's of your MP3s. and much more.

UltraSelect Entertainment was founded 7 years ago. it was developed by the parents of a DJ. The first product MusicMagic is a database system for DJ's that use CD's. find any song in seconds. Last year the company introduced it's second product PMP (Phat Media Player). For those DJs wanting to go digital.

Atmosphere is an application that manages background music for pubs, hotels, restaurants, etc.
Atmosphere automatically plays from a selection of pre-programmed music channels. Zest Audio has specifically programmed twelve of these channels for the bar and restaurant market, additional channels maybe created by the customer to meet the requirements of their particular venue.

Store Manager is the award-winning Windows version of our touch screen POS software.  Store Manager puts a graphical user interface around the most comprehensive POS software available.  This native 32 bit Windows product runs under Windows 98, Windows NT 4, Windows 2000, and Windows XP.


Leo2000 Professionell / Gini BookIT is Point-of-Sale Software for Salons and DaySpas. Invoice functions, customers control, inventory control, EC-Cash clearing, Marketing modules, Timegate-Service, Scheduling and a lot more....


The Performance Organiser is organization Modeling software designed to support the planning and implementation phases of "Management by Performance Indication" using the Business Balanced Scorecard.


Kool XTC Home Version is a new personal version of professional Mp3 software currently in use by over 100 restaurants and nightclubs across the USA.


∑ Be the DJ at your next party! Kool XTC Home looks like a professional Dual CD player, and allows you to mix back and forth just like the pros.

∑ The most sophisticated AutoPlay mode of any Mp3 player on the market! You decide what type of music you would like to hear, the simply click a button and sit back and enjoy! Music will not be repeated within a 24 hour period (if you have enough music available). Never any silence between tracks - Kool XTC Home mixes between each song just like a radio station.

∑ Create an unlimited number of music categories (i.e., Classic Rock, Jazz, etc.) and then AutoPlay from those categories. Program an eclectic music set consisting of several music types - try getting that from your cable or satellite music channels!

∑ Tools Included: CD Ripper (with CDDB support), Volume Normalizer (makes your audio file collection all the same volume level), as well as a utility to backup your audio files to CD.

∑ Extensive database functions - sort your audio files several ways; instantaneous retrieval of lookup information (even with 10,000 titles on file).

∑ WinAmp or MusicMatch this isnít! If you are looking for the next level in Mp3 playback software youíve found it with Kool XTC Home

The PC Jukebox gives you instant access to your entire MP3 music collection in a clean yet detailed graphical environment. The application was designed with a touch screen monitor in mind, but it can just as easily be used with a standard mouse.

The PC Jukebox operates much like a traditional jukebox - users select songs and they get added to a queue. The first song selected is the first one played. The rest of the songs are played in the order they are selected.

Unlike a traditional jukebox, however, The PC Jukebox gives the users added control. At any time, the list of songs in the queue is available so anybody can see how many songs they will have to wait to hear their selection. There are controls to skip to the next song, restart the current song, and pause the current song. The time elapsed of the currently playing song is also constantly displayed. Volume and mute controls are also provided, not to mention a full graphic equalizer!

Antenna 2 Gold: Antenna 2000 the copilot of your radio. - Antenna 2000 Le copilote de votre radio.


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