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3D Active Button Magic
product specs
Version: 3.4

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3D Control Magic for .NET is the ultimate 3D control component that replaces some of the old fashioned Windows User Interface flat controls in applications written with Visual Studio.

Whether you are developing a simple Windows application, a kiosk application or a touch screen application for the POS market, 3D Control Magic will enhance your user interface with an outstanding look and will speed up your application's "time-to-market".

The strength of this product is the fact that it doesn't make use of predefined bitmaps, created with expensive graphical applications, in order to render its surface. It calculates the 3D rendering of its surface using a proprietary algorithm whose quality cannot be found in any of the competitors on the market. This allows you to save time and money each time you customize your applications. Thanks to the use of predefined " templates ", you can change all the settings of a button with a single line of code during the application execution.

With the latest version of the component, you can now create outstanding 3D buttons having several modern rendering surfaces like Aqua, Gel, Vista's "Aero", Office 2003, Office 2007 and many others: just see below some small surface sample:

3D Control Magic is not only an enhanced alternative PushButton control, but a suite of 11 different controls  which can be used as greatly enhanced alternatives to standard Windows common controls. (Inside the online documentation you will find many tutorials and information that will help you getting the most from this product.) 3D Control Magic is a single .NET component that can be used as:

  • PushButton
  • RadioButton
  • CheckBox
  • Label
  • GroupBox
  • PictureBox
  • Enhanced Standard CheckBox
  • Enhanced Standard Radio Button
  • Graphical Progress Bar
  • Graphical Split Button
  • Form Shaper
    [see screenshots]

With 3D Control Magic, you can have the same great button animation capabilities and disjointed rollover effects that you have come to love in Macromedia Flash™ buttons on Web-based pages and on the Internet.

ActiveX version
In case you should be using a Microsoft's development environments not based upon the .NET framework, like Microsoft Visual Basic 6 or Visual C++ in conjunction with MFC, or if you should be using development environments not belonging to the Microsoft's catalogue, a possible alternative could be using our 3D Active Button Magic ActiveX control.

Thanks to the full integration of 3D Control Magic with our 3D Button Visual Editor application, you have the possibility to edit button based controls at design-time from inside your development environment and see the behaviour they would have at run-time.

3D Control Magic is fully UNICODE compliant, so you will have the possibility to use it with the various languages (such as Hindi, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, etc.) that make use of double-byte characters.


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more screenshots

Supported target systems:

  • From Windows XP up to the latest Windows version in both x86 and x64 flavours
  • From Windows Server 2003 up to the latest Windows Server version in both x86 and x64 flavours

Supported .NET versions

  • .NET Framework 2.0
  • .NET Framework 3.0
  • .NET Framework 3.5 ("Client profile" not supported)
  • .NET Framework 4.x ("Client profile" not supported)
  • .NET 5
  • .NET 6
  • .NET Core 3.1

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