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How to retrieve information about loaded songs

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Audio DJ Studio can easily retrieve information about the song contents.

If you work with single song files you can:


Load a song file through the LoadSound method.
Retrieve the sound duration through the SoundDurationGet and/or SoundDurationStringGet methods.
Detect the initial and final silent portions; see the How to detect silent portions of sound files tutorial for details.
Force the control to perform a deeper analysis using the SoundInfoGet method


If you work with playlists you can:


Create and fill a playlist (see How to create and manage a playlist).
Use the PlayListGetItemString in order to receive one or more strings containing the needed information.



Sound files in WAV format may contain information stored inside "chunks": Audio DJ Studio can retrieve contents of BEXT and CART chunks in the following way:


Load a WAV file through the LoadSound method.
Force the control to perform a deeper analysis using the SoundInfoGet method
Check if the loaded WAV file contains CART and/or BEXT chunks through the IsWavChunkAvailable method.
Obtain single fields of the chunks using one of the following methods:

* GetWavChunkStringInfo for string fields

* GetWavChunkNumericInfo for numeric fields

* GetWavChunkBinaryInfo for binary fields


Tags contents can be obtained through a set of dedicated methods: see the How to read TAG information in sound files and How to retrieve basic TAG information from the sound loaded into a player tutorials for details.