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Use under Borland Developer Studio 2006

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When used inside a Borland Developer Studio 2006 project, our component needs a turnaround in order to let the IDE saving the component's settings inside the container form resource file (.RESX): the problem is caused by a bug inside this specific IDE and we hope that Borland will fix it soon.


Steps needed to reproduce the problem:


Tell the IDE to create a new Windows Form Application project.
On the available form, add an instance of the component
Save the form code using the "File/Save" menu item or, in alternative, pressing the corresponding Ctrl+S accelerator.
Now, try compiling the project: most of times you will get a compilation error: this is caused by the fact that, when you simply press the "File/Save" menu item, the form will simply update the .PAS form's file and not the corresponding .RESX file (where the component's binary settings are effectively stored): this is clearly a bug of the IDE because these two files should be saved at the same time: the same problem will happen for any further modification performed on the component's instance.


How to fix the issue:


Instead of using the "File/Save" menu item, always use the "File/Save all" menu item or, in alternative, the corresponding Shift+Ctrl+S accelerator: this will ensure that both the form's .PAS and .RESX files will be saved correctly.