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SwapEffectsColors property

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BOOL for Visual C++

boolean for Visual Basic




object.SwapEffectsColors [=boolean]




When a special effect has been selected through the SpecialEffect property, swaps the colors set for the external and internal portions of the button's surface.

This property can be changed at Design time using the "Colors" tab.

Supported values are the following:



FALSE (default)

Colors are not swapped.


Colors are swapped.



Below you can see two buttons whose SpecialEffect property has been set to SPECIAL_EFFECT_RAISED. The button on the left has the ColorSurfaceNormal.Color property set to a light blue and the ColorSurfaceInternal.Color property set to red. The button on the right has exactly the same color settings but the SwapEffectsColors property has been set to TRUE, resulting in a swap of the involved colors.




For further details about colors change, see the How to change the button colors section.