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SetTotalTransparentFactor method

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Applies the same alpha channel transparency to all of the control's elements, including surface, pictures, texts and cells.

The control transparency (if for example an underlying picture was changed) can be refreshed at any time using the RefreshTransparentControl method.

Below you can see a transparent control whose SurfaceTransparentFactor property has been set to 130: as you can see, the caption text and the picture are displayed opaque.




Below you can see the same transparent button after calling the SetTotalTransparentFactor method with the nFactor parameter set to 130: as you can see, also the caption text and the picture are now displayed in transparency as the control's surface.




For further information about transparency see How to manage alpha channel transparency section.



Visual Basic

control.SetTotalTransparentFactor (nFactor as Integer)


Visual C++

void control.SetTotalTransparentFactor (short nFactor);







The transparency factor. This value can range from 0 (total opacity) to 255 (total transparency).


Return value