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Texture.Filepath property

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[Visual Basic]

Public Overridable Property Filepath As String



public virtual string Filepath {get; set;}



public: __property virtual String* get_Filepath();

public: __property virtual void set_Filepath(String*);




This is a sub-property of the Texture property and represents the pathname of the picture file containing the texture that will be applied to the button surface.

Supported bitmap files are BMP, JPG and PNG.

Below you can see a sample of a button with a blue marble texture applied.





Setting pictures and animation at design time will not require to redistribute the picture or animation files because their binary will be stored inside the final application code in a compressed format (the redistribution is required only when there is the need of changing and restoring the picture or animation at runtime).

In order to keep the final EXE program size smaller, avoid using bitmaps larger than the dimensions of the button that will receive the texture: if the texture is smaller than the button dimension, it will be tiled in order to cover the whole button surface.

The texture rendering will not consider the current button colors: if you want to mix the texture with another color take a look to the Texture.ColorToMix property.



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