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CellsManager.BorderWidth property

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[Visual Basic]

Public Function CellsManager.get_BorderWidth(UniqueID as Short) As Short

Public Sub CellsManager.set_BorderWidth(UniqueID as Short, Short)



public Color CellsManager.get_BorderWidth(short UniqueID);

public void CellsManager.set_BorderWidth(short UniqueID, Short);



public: Color CellsManager.get_BorderWidth(short UniqueID);

public: void CellsManager.set_BorderWidth(short UniqueID, Short);




The width in pixels of the border of the cell identified by the UniqueID parameter. By default its value is set to 0 so no border is initially displayed.

The border color can be modified through the CellManager.BorderColor property. By default this color is set to Color.Black



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