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CellsManager.PictureTranspFactor property

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[Visual Basic]

Public Function CellsManager.get_PictureTranspFactor(UniqueID as Short) As Short

Public Sub CellsManager.set_PictureTranspFactor(UniqueID as Short, Short)



public short CellsManager.get_PictureTranspFactor(short UniqueID);

public void CellsManager.set_PictureTranspFactor(short UniqueID, short);



public: short CellsManager.get_PictureTranspFactor(short UniqueID);

public: void CellsManager.set_PictureTranspFactor(short UniqueID, short);




Applies alpha channel transparency to the picture displayed over the cell identified by the UniqueID parameter.

This property value can range from a default value of 0 (total opacity) to a value of 255 (total transparency). A value entered out of this range produces a value of  0.

Below you can see two buttons: the left one has a cell with a picture inside whose CellsManager.PictureTranspFactor property is set to 0, the cell on the right one has a picture with the CellsManager.PictureTranspFactor property set to 128.




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