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PictureReflectivityEnabled property

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[Visual Basic]

Public Property PictureReflectivityEnabled As Boolean



public bool PictureReflectivityEnabled {get; set;}



public: __property bool get_PictureReflectivityEnabled();

public: __property void set_PictureReflectivityEnabled(bool);




Boolean value that determines if a picture will result reflected over the button surface.

Below you can see two buttons: the left one doesn't have reflectivity enabled, the right one does.

3dcm_i000140     3dcm_i000141

Reflectivity applied to the picture can be fine tuned using the PictureReflectivityPerc and PictureReflectHeightPerc properties.

Applies to the Picture, PicturePressed, PictureMouseOver and PictureDisabled properties .

Supported values are the following:



False (default)

Reflectivity is disabled


Reflectivity is enabled


In order to perform changes to Pictures and Animations settings at Design-time take a look to the How to display bitmaps and animations section.