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MidiDjConsole.ProfileLoad method

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Loads a profile, written for a specific model of DJ Console, from a XML file stored on disk into the instance of the component. A XML file can be written manually through a normal text editor or saved through a call to MidiDjConsole.ProfileSave or MidiDjConsole.ProfileSaveWithoutDevice methods.


For further details about interfacing with MIDI DJ Consoles see the MidiDjConsole object section and the How to manage MIDI DJ consoles tutorial.





[Visual Basic]

control.MidiDjConsole.ProfileLoad (

strPathname as String

) as enumDjcErrorCodes



short control.MidiDjConsole.ProfileLoad (

BSTR strPathname









String representing the absolute pathname of the XML file containing the DJ Console profile to load.



Return value






enumDjcErrorCodes.ERR_DJC_NOERROR (0)

The call was successful.

Negative value

An error occurred: see the LastError property for further error details or for a list of the possible error values.