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MidiDjConsole.ProfileSave method

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Saves the current profile, written for a specific DJ Console and loaded into the instance of the component, into a XML file for later usage. A saved profile can be reloaded at a later time through the MidiDjConsole.ProfileLoad method.


Due to the fact that the profile will contain the product and vendor identifiers for a specific DJ Console, the usage of this methods requires the DJ Console to be physically connected to the system and also connected to the instance of the component through a previous call to the MidiDjConsole.Connect method. In case the DJ Console shouldn't be physically connected to the system or connected to the instance of the component, you could in any case save the profile while "offline" through the MidiDjConsole.ProfileSaveWithoutDevice method.


The XML file is normally saved in ANSI format: in case one or more of the saved strings should contain UNICODE characters, the file would be automatically saved in UTF-8 format.


For further details about interfacing with MIDI DJ Consoles see the MidiDjConsole object section and the How to manage MIDI DJ consoles tutorial.





[Visual Basic]

control.MidiDjConsole.ProfileSave (

strPathname as String,

bStoreHexValues as enumBoolean

) as enumDjcErrorCodes



short control.MidiDjConsole.ProfileSave (

BSTR strPathname,

short bStoreHexValues









String representing the absolute pathname of the destination XML file to save.


Boolean value that specifies if the numerical values of the various profile's items are stored inside the file as decimal or hexadecimal values.

Supported values are the following:

Mnemonic constant





Numerical values are stored in decimal format.



Numerical values are stored in hexadecimal format with the "0x" prefix.



Return value






enumDjcErrorCodes.ERR_DJC_NOERROR (0)

The call was successful.

Negative value

An error occurred: see the LastError property for further error details or for a list of the possible error values.