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How to use enumerated types

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The use of enumerated types improves the readability of your code and, thanks to the features offered by Microsoft's Intellisense, will ease the coding phase.


The following is the full list of enumerated types with their associated properties:


Enumerated type

Corresponding properties or parameters


LastError property and return value of most methods


MidiVirtualKeyboard.Create method


MidiDevices.InfoGet and MidiDevices.InfoGetByUniqueId methods


MidiDevicesConfigChanged event


MidiDjConsole.ProfileInfoStringGet and MidiDjConsole.ProfileInfoStringSet methods


MidiDjConsole.ProfileItemInfoStringGet method


MidiDjConsole.ProfileItemAdd and MidiDjConsole.ProfileItemModify methods


MidiDjConsole.ProfileLoadInternal method


The following examples, under different development environments, show how to use enumerated types in your code.


Microsoft Visual Basic.NET

Microsoft Visual C#.NET



Microsoft Visual Basic.NET


After typing the code


If m_djConsole.LastError


press the "=" key on your keyboard: IntelliSense displays the list of possible values that can be assigned to a parameter passed to a method or to a property as seen on the screenshot below:



Select the m_djConsole.enumDjcErrorCodes.ERR_DJC_NOERROR value so the complete line of code will be:


If m_djConsole.LastError = enumDjcErrorCodes.ERR_DJC_NOERROR Then

 ' do something



 ' do something else


End If



Microsoft Visual C#.NET


This environment requires a couple of additional lines of code to make use of Intellisense. First, you must add the components namespace to your code so the following line must be inserted at the beginning of the form management file:


using ActiveDjConsoleNetApi;


After typing the code...


if (m_djConsole.LastError ==


and pressing the space bar (blank character) Intellisense is activated and automatically displays the correct enumerated type as follows:


after selecting the enumDjcErrorCodes type, press the "." key on your keyboard so the list of available options is displayed as seen below:  



Select the ERR_DJC_NOERROR value so the complete line of code will be:


if (m_djConsole.LastError == enumDjcErrorCodes.ERR_DJC_NOERROR)

   // do something



   // do something else