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CuePointReached event

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Occurs when an existing cue point is reached during playback.

During playback this event is not generated if the current playback position should be moved, through a call to the SeekSound or ForwardSound methods, to a position exceeding the one of the cue point itself.


See the How to add Triggers and Cue Points to a player section for further details about cue points.


For further details about synchronization through Events see the How to synchronize the container application through events tutorial.





[Visual Basic]

Public Event CuePointReached As CuePointReachedEventHandler



public event CuePointReachedEventHandler CuePointReached;



public: __event CuePointReachedEventHandler* CuePointReached;



Event Data


The event handler receives an argument of type CuePointReachedEventArgs having the following parameters:







Number representing the zero-based index of the player that fired the event


String containing the unique name of the cue point as defined when the cue point was added through the CuePointsAdd method.


Number representing the position, expressed in milliseconds, of the cue point