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CdDriveReadRetriesNumberSet method

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Sets the number of times to retry, before skipping the current CD sector, when an error occurs during the ripping of a CD track.


Each time a read error occurs, the container application is notified through the CallbackForRecordersEvents delegate having the nEvent parameter set to EV_CD_ERROR.


When the number of errors exceeds the number of retries, audio data contained inside the bad sector is replaced with silence on the output file.





[Visual Basic]

Public Function CdDriveReadRetriesNumberSet (

nRetries as Int16

) as enumErrorCodes



public enumErrorCodes CdDriveReadRetriesNumberSet (

Int16 nRetries




public: enumErrorCodes CdDriveReadRetriesNumberSet (

Int16 nRetries









Number of retries. When this value is set to 0, no retry is performed. By default the number of retries is 2.



Return value