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How to install the API on your development PC

How to add the API to your projects

Adding the API to a C# project

Adding the API to a Visual Basic .NET project

Adding the API to an unmanaged Visual C++ project

Adding the API to a Visual Basic 6 project

How to use the control in your projects

How to use the API in a Windows service

How to synchronize the container application with the control

How to enumerate audio input devices

How to access settings of audio devices in Windows Vista and later versions

How to manage audio flow through WASAPI

How to manage ASIO drivers

How to perform a recording session

How to protect your recording sessions through encryption

How to perform a CD ripping session

How to perform a CD ripping session with tracks Normalization

How to record from files, memory or clipboard

How to perform an Internet-based recording session

How to mix sounds to your recording session

How to export a recorded sound

How to use embedded Visual Feedbacks

How to use the Enhanced Spectrum Analyzer

How to use the Waveform Analyzer

How to add graphic items to the Waveform Analyzer

How to scroll the sound's waveform during playback

How to manage custom DSP effects

How the Sound Activation System works

How to get Audio CD info using CDDB servers and Amazon catalogue

How to get pictures of CD covers

How to use the Windows Audio Compression Manager

How to use the automatic gain controller

How to apply embedded filters

How to perform custom feedbacks rendering using graphic bars

How to manage ZIP files

How to access BASS library functionalities directly

How to use enumerated types